Trans Vaginal Tape

Trans Vaginal Tape

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What is a Trans Vaginal Tape Repair?

TVT (trans-vaginal tape) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for treatment of female stress incontinence that combines the use of a mesh tape, with a traditional incontinence procedure called the sling to support the urethra. The mesh tape loosely supports the middle of the urethra and provides support only when needed, without the tension associated with traditional sling procedure. It creates a “new” hammock for the urethra.

The surgery takes only 30 to 45 minutes. The tape is surgically inserted through a small incision in the vagina and then it is woven through pelvic tissue and positioned underneath the urethra. The tape is then pulled up through two tiny incisions in the skin’s surface just above the pubic area. As it passes through several pelvic tissue layers, friction is created which initially holds the tape in place (like Velcro). Over time your body tissue grows into the mesh which permanently secures it. At the end of the procedure the tape is trimmed just under the skin’s surface and the tiny incisions closed. All you will see are two adhesive bandages.

Surgery complications and risks :

All surgical procedures may have risks and complications. Published papers and personal medical experiences on the procedure suggest that complications may occur. However, the total published rate of complications using the TVT sling device has been minimal.

Minor complications of this procedure include bladder perforation; post-operative voiding problems; urgency and urge incontinence which is associated with all incontinence surgeries; bladder instability or bladder spasm and infection. With each of these minor complications there are management plans and when put in place have positive results.

Expected length of Hospital Stay = Overnight stay.